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Eddy Current Separators are increasingly used wherever separation of non-ferrous metals from a product stream can give a more valuable product, whether the end use is in recycling, waste reduction, raw material production or any other process whereby separation is beneficial.

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The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced metal sorting and metal fractions separator unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from dry recyclables.

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Eddy current machine. Eddy current machine uses a specialized separation method to separate non- ferrous substances from discarded industrial material and many more compound substances that need separation. The Eddy current machine is capable of separating copper, aluminium etc. from the input. Carrying out separation manually is a marathon task and it is time consuming as well, by …

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EDDY CURRENT SEPARATORS Established, long-lasting and constantly modernised: the STEINERT non-ferrous metal separator Optimum non-ferrous metal recoveries using eddy current separators from STEINERT, the inventor of the eccentrically mounted pole system The recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of every recycling system. ...

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Fushun Ejet Magnetic Equipment Co.,Ltd, (Fushun). 25 likes · 18 were here. Ejet is a professional manufacturer of Magnetic equipment for 10 years. Jump to. ... The eddy current separator for aluminium, iron cans and PET bottles separation. 1. See All. Posts.

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Eriez Eddy Current Separators. In 1969, Eriez Magnetics patented both permanent magnetic and electromagnetic eddy current separators. These powerful systems feature improved permanent magnetic circuits with Rare Earth magnetic material for stronger eddy currents and improved separation of non–ferrous materials.

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Eddy Current Separators Category: Products. SGM has a collection of eddy currents specifically built for every job. Our new 6,000rpm Titanium Eddy Current for fines is the newest addition.

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The Eddy current separator type EddyXpert is the all-rounder of the ECS machine line and is suitable for a large number of product streams: from coarse to medium-fine fractions. The magnetic rotor is the most important part of the machine; there are 3 types: Number of …

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Eddy Current Separators Category: Products. SGM has a collection of eddy currents specifically built for every job. Our new 6,000rpm Titanium Eddy Current for fines is the newest addition.

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At GVS (UK) we supply & fit eddy current separators (ECS belts) to the highest standards across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and all across the United Kingdom. Eddy current separator mag belts are used to separate non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium and copper) from dry recyclables by utilising a conveyor belt and a high speed magnetic rotor system.


Find out all of the information about the Studer Innotec SA product: eddy current separator 12 - 24 V, 100 A | MBR 12/24-100. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

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Key Questions Answered by Eddy Current Separators Market Report. What was the Eddy Current Separators market size in 2016 and 2017; what are the estimated growth trends and market forecast for 2018 - 2026. What will be the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of Eddy Current Separators market during the forecast period ...

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Eddy current method was applied for evaluation of material properties of ductile cast iron. Measurements of eddy current response signals from FCD 450–600 grades of cast iron demonstrated good correlation with their hardness and tensile properties.

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A brief tutorial on eddy current nondestructive inspection is presented, re viewing the fundamentals of this technique and the application to inspection of composite materials. It is argued that eddy current methods should be sensitive to the presence of broken fibers caused by damage in conductive composite materials, such as graph ite/epoxy.

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Eddy Current Separators. STAR TRACE Eddy Current Separators devices are an effective way of removing non-ferrous metals from other products. Application such as aluminum cans from municipal waste, aluminum flakes from shredded PET, brass and aluminum from foundry sands, and metals from shredded auto mobile scrap, other metals such as lead can also be removed.

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Eddy currents (also called Foucault currents) are loops of electrical current induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field in the conductor due to Faraday's law of induction. Eddy currents flow in closed loops within conductors, in planes perpendicular to the magnetic field.

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Separation of conductivity and distance measurements for eddy current nondestructive inspection of graphite composite materials ... graphite composite plates. This research has been carried out in the

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Find out all of the information about the Studer Innotec SA product: eddy current separator 12 - 24 V, 100 A | MBR 12/24-100. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

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Eddy Current Separator For Separating Nonferrous From Glass Cullet With Drum Magnet, Find Complete Details about Eddy Current Separator For it could protect the eddy current separator from causing damage to the belt by ferrous metal.

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An eddy current inspection technique is described which has improved sensitivity to graphite/epoxy composite cylinders conventional cup coil techniques.

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EDDY CURRENT SEPARATORS It's operating principle is based on the induction of eddy current (Foucalt eddy current) through the metallic material via a Pulsating Magnetic Field generated by a drum rotating around its axis; the intensity of said currents is proportional both to that of the magnetic field at that point, and to its frequency, hence to the inductor roller angular speed.

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Eriez' RevX-E® Eddy Current Separators feature an eccentric magnetic rotor for separation of nonferrous metals. The unit is designed with an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within the non-conductive larger diameter shell. The eccentric rotor concentrates its eddy current forces into a zone of separation at the end of the belt.

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Eddy current separators have a conveyor belt system with a high-speed magnetic rotor at the end. The rotation speed of the magnets generates an induction field, creating a …

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Stainless Steel Separators Master Magnets. The HISC Stainless Steel Separator is commonly installed after primary Magnetic Separation and Eddy Current Separation and is used to remove either weakly magnetic materials from the primary product to produce a clean recycled material (eg UPVC window frames, recycled plastics, etc), or to recover valuable materials (eg stainless steel and

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Apr 17, 2012· Since graphite is conducting the electric current, this effect is attributed to eddy currents induced in the material. In this educational video, some spectacular examples of eddy current …

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Several types of eddy current separators have been developed in recent years. These separators range from slide chutes lined with alternating permanent magnets to electromagnetic circuits that generate a pulsed field when conducting material is sensed. The illustrated rotating permanent magnetic field eddy-current separator has proven to be most effective in view of capital cost, operating ...


Phased Array Ultrasonics and Eddy Current Examination for Graphite Components June 22, 2011 12. th . International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials

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Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass,...) from bulk material. The strong pulsating magnetic field and the high rotational speed guarantee best separation results.